Virtual & Augmented Reality/ 360° video

The VR Zone is a dedicated VR lab at Delft University of Technology situated on the campus at the TU Delft Library and prowdly powered by NewMedia Centre.
Our aim is to assist students, lecturers and researches in using, building and exploring VR in education. This help and assistance can be interpreted in many ways ranging from assistance in an application for a thesis or graduation project all the way to exploration for VR Solutions in research or learning environments. We will also facilitate in workshops and classes and document most cases on our website to share with the Delft VR Community or people with a general interest.

“If you can dream it, you can do it”

VR Workstations

The VR Zone is equipped with more than ten state of the art headsets and workstations with all the required software installed and has a dedicated staff to help you get started!

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VR Workshops

On a regular basis the VR Zone organises workshops and classes in modelling, animation and VR/AR applications for students, teachers and researchers at Delft University of Technology.

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VR Development

The VR Zone can assist and advise you exploring the use VR/AR in education or research. We can also develop complete solutions or assist and advise in existing or start-up projects.

realized projects

Delivery robot, Grduation by Stef de Groot

Health & built environment in Groningen

The 3D Experience

Latest events:

VR zone event

Opening VR zone

 Walt Disney

NewMedia Centre

COVID-19 measures:

Dear visitor,

As you all are aware of the latest covid measures announced by the prime minister on December 14, the board of the university announced the following:

This has the following consequences for our NewMedia Centre:

  1. NMC will cancel/postpone all livestreams/location recordings/VR meetings/Collegerama requests until further notice.
    We believe that the NMC should make a minimal impact on campus presence and campus mobility, for our own safety and the safety of others.
  2. The studio recordings that are already in our agenda will continue, but with not more than two people present at the office.
  3. All DIY-studio’s will be closed until further notice.
  4. The VR Zone will be closed until January 19 but employees will be working from home. Please contact: if you have any questions regarding virtual or augmented reality.