Since our customers have different ideas and intentions, NewMedia Centre accommodates these variety of goals on three service levels:

1. We do it for you

Stress-free. Of course, you stay in-charge. But, we feel responsible, will do the work and consult to your wishes! The TU Delft web lecture service “Collegerama” is a good example. Just give us your schedule, we’ll organize, capture and publish.

2. We do it with you

In co-creation. The mix with your talent and knowhow adds-up the value. We love to collaborate in co-creation. This method works out very positive in case of innovations like MOOCs. To translate new didactical scenarios into online course formats, for example.


3. You do it Yourself

We installed a do-it-yourself-studio for you. This facility is at your disposal to produce your own online presentation at your own time. According to the Plug & Play principle. With just a few buttons to operate, so a technician is not needed. There is a step-by-step tutorial available to quickly master some principles and off you go! Of course we’ll be there to help out, when needed. And yes: the final outcome is totally your responsibility.
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