Service Model

Since our customers have different ideas and intentions, NewMedia Centre accommodates these variety of goals on three service levels:

1. We do it for you

Stress-free. Of course, you stay in-charge. But, we feel responsible, will do the work and consult to your wishes! The TU Delft web lecture service “Collegerama” is a good example. Just give us your schedule, we’ll organize, capture and publish.

2. We do it with you

In co-creation. The mix with your talent and knowhow adds-up the value. We love to collaborate in co-creation. This method works out very positive in case of innovations like MOOCs. To translate new didactical scenarios into online course formats, for example.


3. You do it Yourself

We installed a do-it-yourself-studio for you. This facility is at your disposal to produce your own online presentation at your own time. According to the Plug & Play principle. With just a few buttons to operate, so a technician is not needed. There is a step-by-step tutorial available to quickly master some principles and off you go! Of course we’ll be there to help out, when needed. And yes: the final outcome is totally your responsibility.
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NewMedia Centre

COVID-19 measures:

Dear visitor,

As you all are aware of the latest covid measures announced by the prime minister on December 14, the board of the university announced the following:

This has the following consequences for our NewMedia Centre:

  1. NMC will cancel/postpone all livestreams/location recordings/VR meetings/Collegerama requests until further notice.
    We believe that the NMC should make a minimal impact on campus presence and campus mobility, for our own safety and the safety of others.
  2. The studio recordings that are already in our agenda will continue, but with not more than two people present at the office.
  3. All DIY-studio’s will be closed until further notice.
  4. The VR Zone will be closed until January 19 but employees will be working from home. Please contact: if you have any questions regarding virtual or augmented reality.