March 3, 2014

NMC on the move

NewMedia Centre is to move to another location in the coming months. That’s not something we’re proud of, because we’re quite happy and productive in the 3mE building we actually operate in. But hey, things change and so do we. The Industrial Engineering will be our next home. We’ll keep in touch about details…

NewMedia Centre

COVID-19 measures:

Dear visitor,

The latest covid measures have the following consequences for the services of the NewMedia Centre:

  1. The studio recordings will continue, but with only one guest at the office/in the studio.
  2. Until further notice only one DIY-studio (at the Teaching Lab) can be booked.
  3. The VR Zone will be closed until further notice. Employees will be working from home. Please contact: if you have any questions regarding virtual or augmented reality.