We sure value your reputation. Your image is your business card. The right ‘look and feel’ plays a key role in your presentation, your website or your printed report. In the core of NewMedia Centre we design all kinds of graphic means: Powerpoint presentations, websites, books, brochures, flyers, posters, magazines… In fact, any medium – digital or analogue – is a challenge for us. That’s what we really like, at the NMC: Design.

“Everything you can imagine is real”

Pablo Picasso


Graphic Design

Poster design

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Logo design

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Another traditional expertise comes in here: NMC has some members that love to make an effort in producing a fine illustration. They brought these skills from their childhood, and from genuine royal education, using pencils, brushes and paint back then, but these days there’s no need to soil their surroundings.
However this old fashioned soiling stuff is still available (in our closets deep down in the basement), art is being produced fully digital, using smart pens, tablets and drawing software. That’s efficient because we often use these drawings in video productions later on.

“Why join the Navy if you can be a pirate?”

Steve Jobs


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Since 2016 we are taking portrait shots of the lecturers for publication at the TU Delft online learning website.
Interested in the possibilities for taking individual headshots and/or group pictures for your research group?

Please contact Marleen at our office. She schedules one or two – depending on the availability of your group members – sessions and arranges this for you. 


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We can help you to create animations or other visuals for you in your presentation. To perceive non-visible information, to clarify difficult processes or just to add some dynamics. 
It will bring your story to life in 2D or 3D motion if you wish, closely related to your audience or your promotional activity. Have a glance at some of our work below this text block.