NMC Collegerama offers teachers to capture their classes and stream them on the web in a rich-media player as can be seen below. The player shows a split screen in which the presenter/lecturer shows a (synchronized) view of his/her Powerpoint presentation or any other educational resource. The user decides which screen is to be shown large; the presenter or the synchronized presentation. 

Furthermore it is possible to livestream events via internet. For example, the yearly broadcast of the Dies Natalis celebration on the TU website.

Collegerama fits our service level “We do it for You”. There is no need for extra knowhow on your part, we’ll organize and record your lecture or stage presentation one-on-one.

We either contact you in case you are a regular or you just tell us when, what and where.

This year, the NewMedia Centre celebrates the 14th anniversary of its weblecture service “Collegerama”, welcoming the seven millionth student visitor. TU Delft’s Collegerama, home to 25,000 hours of captured lectures, started as a rich media concept for the large-scale capturing and publishing of scientific content, online.

Click image to watch in dedicated Collegerama viewer

NewMedia Centre

Covid-19 measures:

Due to stricter Covid measures, the staffing of the NewMedia Centre on campus is lower than normally. That is why we need to divide our capacity wisely:

  • In the next two weeks (until November 6th) we will not be able to take on more ‘on location’ recordings;
  • new studio recording requests will be postponed to November 9th onwards. We realize this can be very inconvenient, but unfortunately we cannot be at the office in full force;
  • Visitors to our office and studio are requested to wear a face mask.
  • Up to two visitors at a time in the studio. If there are more visitors who need to be in the studio, they will have to wait outside our office.